Allow New Customers to Invest With Ease

In the digital world we live in today, consumers globally expect to be able buy products and services at the click of a button. Unfortunately for many, making a new invest can be a complex, time consuming process with lengthy, paper-based forms. The good news is there is a much simpler way. An automated, online investment process that is design driven will improve your client experience, enhance business productivity, and satisfy compliance requirements.

Investing Made Easy

A well designed, online investment process and capability will save your business time and money. It allows new customers to interact, engage, and buy your product at a time and place that suits them, wherever that may be. Request a demo to see the difference online investment capability can make to your business.

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Easy online investment with Invsta

Designed to work for you

Choose an online process that works for your business. For a simpler option, customers can scroll through your range of investment options, browse associated information, then click to invest. Or to really engage your customers, user our range of calculators and algorithms to provide a unique experience that allows customers to really interact with your product to find an investment outcome that suits their requirements.

Key Benefits

Designed and tested with the customer experience in mind, our sleek, interactive investment process makes it easy and enjoyable for customers to make an investment. The automated process significantly improves business efficiency, saving time and money, allowing staff to focus on value added activities. The online nature improves accessibility, helping you to access new customer segments and manage a larger number of customers.

An integrated platform

While online investment capability is a key component, there is so much more to be gained from an integrated customer management platform that covers all aspects of client interaction.

Get in contact for full details on the benefits of an end-to-end customer management platform.

Client Onboarding

A key first step in the client relationship, an automated, streamlined onboarding process is an easy way to impress your customers. Improve efficiencies, save your business time and money, and know that your compliance requirements are taken care of.

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Ongoing Compliance

We've designed the platform to take care of your ongoing compliance requirements, with transaction monitoring, automated AML & KYC updates, with full compliance reporting and oversight.

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Automated Advice

Risk profiling, initial advice generation, regular re-balancing and on-going optimization are all components of financial advice that can be automated, leading to even greater efficiencies across the whole business.

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