Tools for Engagement

Financial planning software has previously been the domain of financial advisors or experts. With our range of calculators and algorithms, it’s easy to put these functional tools in the hands of your customers, empowering them to take control, interact with your brand, and clearly demonstrate the value you can add to them.

Increased Engagement and Sales

Our intuitive calculators and algorithms will improve customer engagement and act as an incredible sales tool for your business. They allow your customers to engage and interact like never before. Request a demo to see how these tools can really liven up your customer interactions.

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Financial tools for greater client engagement with Invsta

Designed to work for you

We’ve developed a wide range of calculators and algorithms from which you can select the functionality that suits your financial product and adds the most value to your customers. These can be customised to fit your specific requirements.

Key Benefits

Designed and tested with the end customer in mind, our functional and well-designed range of tools are an ideal way to improve customer engagement. When these are combined into an integrated, online investment process, it provides you with an incredibly powerful sales mechanism for your business.

An integrated platform

Tools and calculators can add significant value to a customer management platform, which when fully integrated, can cover all aspects of client interaction.

Get in contact for full details on the benefits of an end-to-end customer management platform.

Client Onboarding

A key first step in the client relationship, an automated, streamlined onboarding process is an easy way to impress your customers. Improve efficiencies, save your business time and money, and know that your compliance requirements are taken care of.

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Model Portfolios

Model portfolios can take away the confusion and complexity of selecting an investment, making it easy for your customers to invest with confidence. We make it easy to create a range of risk based or thematic portfolio options.

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Online Investment

A well designed, online investment process and capability will save your business time and money. It allows new customers to interact, engage, and buy your product at a time and place that suits them, wherever that may be.

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